Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Quick Update

[From Brandon] Amy's got her bone marrow biopsy scheduled for tomorrow morning at 11:00. Prayer would be appreciated. The results of this biopsy have many many decisions hanging on them.


Diane said...

Praying now, Brandon and Amy. God bless and keep you.

Erin said...

You both, as well as the medical team you are working with, will be in my prayers. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Praying here in Iowa too.


Anonymous said...

Amy and Brandon,

Thanks for the update. We continue in prayer for you and trust the Lord's direction in these and all matters. How feeble we are, how sufficient He is.
Our Love to you,
Don and Lilan

Holly said...

I pray for Amy and your family daily. Today, my children will say a rosary with me for the biopsy to be as pain-free as possible and for good news to come quickly.

God Bless you.

Meam said...

Prayer and positive thoughts are coming from Arizona. Hugs and kisses to the three of you! God Bless & lots of love. Meam & Papa

Teresa said...

Thanks for letting us know Brandon! Our family will be praying especially during the procedure. We are lifting our eyes to the Lord on your behalf.


Amy, I'll be lifting you up in prayer this morning. May the peace of the Lord that passes all understanding guard your heart and mind. Love, Jessica

Paulette said...

Brandon and Amy, I am praying for everyone involved and the whole team of Dr.s. May God bless you at this time and give you all peace and strength to endure this cancer. I am sorry at how devastating this illness is, but I marvel at Gods care of Amy.

Brenda said...

Praying for all of you.

Anonymous said...

May God's peace be on you both! I am praying for you.

Chris in Canada

Abby Ymker said...

Hi Amy,
I wasn't able to read Brandon's update till just now. I don't know how long a biopsy takes but since it's 3:00 I'm assuming your done. I'm praying that everything went fine!
Love, Abby

Alivia's Momma said...

Amy I pray that the biopsy went easily, quickly and that the results are miraculous. Your mom asked for my address...could you pass it along.
E. Haughery
2768 Lititz Pike
Lancaster, PA 17601

Here is an encourging story. Over the weekend a young man from my parents church was in a very serious car accident. The doctors said he wouldn't live more than an hour or two. Yesterday and today have been days of improvement though. He is responding to stimuli and there are signs of new brain function. God is in control and he doesn't listen to what the doctors have to say...thankfully. He is in control of every second.

rachel davis said...

Ach, I just now read the update and it's over. But I'm praying now that the Drs. will have wisdom in interpreting the results and determining the next step.

love ya

Anonymous said...

I love you Amy!
I am praying for you!
Love your sis,
Lizzie :)

April said...

I, too, read the update after the fact but still am sending prayers from Colorado. You are all (little one included) in my prayers and thoughts daily now. May God bless you and keep you in His loving arms at all times.

Anonymous said...

Amy & Brandon,

I love you both!!
My prayers will be with you tomorrow!! May you feel the comforting arms of Jesus hold you close. Our Lord loves you so!!

Lynn Hensel
Grace Church of Columbia

Tonya in KS said...

Praying here in KS for you, Amy and Brandon.

God bless,