Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Amy Wilhoite Medical Fund

There was a comment on my last post from some family members in AZ regarding the Amy Wilhoite Medical Fund. As we were getting people questioning the legitimacy, I removed the post until I could adequately address the fund. The Amy Wilhoite Medical Fund is legitimate. Since we have that out of the way, let me actually address the fund.

There has been a medical fund set up for Amy, through Bank of America. Originally, the account was set up to have a single place for donated funds to go from fundraisers that were being organized and held in both AZ and MO. By asking for the "Amy Wilhoite Medical Fund," anyone can make donations at their local Bank of America. Regarding what the insurance company is paying for – whether the transplant or the prescriptions we'll need afterwards to maintain a quality of life for Amy - is still unknown. As well as the immune building treatments, which aren't covered by insurance that we would like to have Amy treated with... We don't know what our future medical financial need will be, but we do estimate it to be high.

Amy & I refrained from posting any information about her fund on the blog as we wanted the blog to be an information source for friends and family, stating how Amy is progressing through her battle with this disease -- as well as a place for prayer and encouragement -- not as a place for the solicitation of money to help with medical expenses. We had created the fund for the use of fundraising events as it was never our intention to ask anyone for money, rather to let people give if they felt called to. We have received several gifts and donations from people and churches without asking and we never wanted to do so now. So, please, don't feel pressured to give in the slightest bit and only do so if you feel the Lord has put it in your heart to give. If you have any questions about the fund, you can call 480-538-4901 in AZ, 573-876-6223 in MO, or ask about it at your local Bank of America.

[Edited for clarity and to also add that Amy & I are very appreciative of the fundraisers and those organizing and hosting them. And also wanted to send quick thank you to the members of HSA for the package of cards sent to Amy -- she was very encouraged by the thought and the kind words]


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you posted this on your blog! Please don't feel bad! It's right to ask for help! May God bless you abundantly above and beyond all that you ask or think!

Rachel Davis said...

Thanks for letting us know! I think it's great that your family started it, and I appreciate the information.

I hope things are going well. Love to you all!

Paulette said...

I think it is wonderful that a fund has been set up for Amy. God will use that as well. I am still in much prayer for your family and especially Amy. God has placed you strongly on my heart and I will continue to be a prayer warrior for Amy.
Brandon, I loved what you posted about your perspective on Amy's illness. I was out of town when I read that and shared it with the other woman with me. I love your tender heart for Amy and I know God is so proud of you both.
Thankyou for sharing your heart so that we may know how to pray. I wish you both to know that you are not alone when others are sharing in your pain and burdens, and Joy's as well.
May God reach down with his Grace and comfort your family and bring healing to Amy.

Carol Mahan said...

Brandon and Amy,

This is Aaron's mom and Anita gave me your website. As Amy knows, my son Aaron who is a Marine, was recently diagnosed with Leukemia (CML) upon returning from Iraq in August. So it's been quite a journey for us, and I was so inspired from Amy's faith when she was able to leave the hospital the first time and be home again with her family.

I just wanted you both to know that I am praying for you and that I believe WE CAN EXPECT A MIRACLE FROM GOD! That is what faith is all about. I believe that God can heal and restore Amy's body and that for Amy's transplant we should all BELIEVE together and put our faith fully in God that He will bring her through the surgery, and He will restore her health and bring about a miraculous change in her body. HE CAN RENEW AND RESTORE AND HEAL and that is exactly what I will be praying for. Amy is a precious soul, and I know God loves her and delights in her as His daughter.

Please know that you are all in my thoughts daily, and even more so with my own son being diagnosed with leukemia. Thanks so much for sharing your heart Brandon with everyone. Your post made me cry it was so heartfelt and honest. I know you truly love the family God has given you, and would love to be able to raise your son with Amy by your side. She is very fortunate to have you for a husband, a faithful friend and a loving father to your son.

I pray that God will BLESS YOU BOTH tremendously, and that you will be able to go to Arizona and have a time of rest and peace as Amy continues to heal and regain her stength after the transplant.

With my love and prayers,

Aaron's Mom

Carrie said...

My 4-1/2 yob prayed tonight for your "surgery to be effective" and that your "baby won't get what she has." It is so sweet, the faith of a child. I know he fully expects God to answer. He most certainly can,and we are praying that He will.

Rachel Davis said...

Just wondered if you guys could let us know where to send cards at Barnes?