Monday, March 17, 2008

6 Months... it's really been 6 months...

Well, Its now been more than six months since Amy passed away. There is still so much uncertainty about what the future holds and where Gary & I go from here. Not that we aren't perfectly confident that God already has it all figured out, we just don't know what God has in store for us yet. Life is still uniquely bizarre. You don't realize how much a part of your life someone is until they are gone.

The book is still a work in progress. Some aspects of it have been very difficult emotionally and there have been many joyful moments and many tearful moments reliving the memories. Seventeen chapters are essentially done and another dozen are close. Amy left so much to include that keeping the finished product under a thousand pages is actually a challenge.

I was blessed this weekend to discover the following song written shortly after Amy went to be with the Lord and thought I'd share with those still stopping by. (Note that the title is a link to the audio.)

Where You Are

I knew you just in passing, which means I knew your name
And anything you cared to write for strangers on the way
We often prayed for you as you were going through
The battle for your life that ended today.

So many now are grieving and yet there is a joy
To know that you are comforted and safely home tonight
Though the pain that we all carry is a burden of these days
We give it to the Lord and find its meaning in His ways

Chorus: For where you are, there are no more tears
No more dying, no more fear
Sickness healed and pain has gone away
And you have seen the Healer welcome you today

Caught between desires: the life He gave to you
The ones you love and who love you and dreams that could come true
And worshipping Lord Jesus in Heaven evermore
It put you in the middle of a holy tug-o-war

We dug in and we pulled hard to try and keep you here
Heaven would still be there if you had stayed around for years
But time is God’s creation, He’s the one that moves the hands
And if He says your time is now well then I guess I understand.

Chorus 2: But where you are, there is no more time,
No more pressure, no deadlines
Where you are, we’ll see you once again
And the clock will not be running, we’ll have eternity to spend

In life there are anomalies, things that should not be
We struggle to explain them, find some rationality
Pieces of the puzzle that will someday find their place
And that’s the dance we do as we continue on this race

The reality you showed us is a legacy you give
To never waste a moment, to learn to really live
We all should stop and ponder and just appreciate
And never take for granted the next breath that we take

Chorus 3: Where you are is where we hope to be
When our time is over, when we will get to see
Our Creator and those who’ve gone before
We will walk the streets of Heaven and live there evermore.

Sickness healed and pain has gone away
And you have seen the Healer welcome you today

w/m copyright 2007 James A. Karpowitz, all rights reserved, used by permission.