Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Test Update

I had the CT scan done this morning. It went well, and I should hear results by this evening and know if they will also need to do the bronchioscopy (which is the same as the test that uses fluid to test for potential fungal infection in the lung.) I really hate CT scans. I'm not sure why because they are painless and rather routine at this point, but they always freak me out and laying on the table with a poster of possible dye reactions as my only reading material doesn't inspire confidence. I'm glad to have that behind me today and thankful for your prayers.

In the meanime, I spiked a fever while getting blood last night -- something they really don't like and tends to freak everyone out a good bit. I don't really think it had anything to do with the blood, but they had to stop the transfusion and haven't started back up again yet today, so my counts are really low. My mom is donating platelets today. Unfortunately they can't be donated specifically for me. Would be nice, because the shortage recently has greatly affected my ability to get them when I need them. When I plead for donors it's not just because they do a good job of indoctrinating -- it's because I am having to wait to receive something they don't have enough of, and it is a scary thing to have to wait for platelets when they are low to begin with. I don't want to die of a brain hemmorhage.

Thanks for your prayers -- I would be thrilled if the CT scan doesn't show anything, I was told sometimes the x-ray can show things that aren't really there. The idea of having a fungal infection in my lungs is really scary.

- Amy

on my mind this morning...

Looking back at the road so far
The journey's left its share of scars
Mostly from leaving the narrow and straight

Looking back it is clear to me
That a man is more than the sum of his deeds
And how You've made good of this mess I've made
Is a profound mystery

Looking back You know You had to bring me through
All that I was so afraid of
Though I questioned the sky, now I see why
Had to walk the rocks to see the mountain view
Looking back I see the lead of love

Looking back I can finally see (I'd rather have wisdom)
How failures bring humility (than be)
Brings me to my knees (a comfortable fool)
Helps me see my need for Thee
- Lead of Love, Caedmon's Call


Debra said...

So thankful to read your update!

CT scans are scary!

I gave blood for years but then quit for various reasons.

I'm calling the Red Cross today to make an appointment to donate.

My family and I continue to pray for you and your family.

Shanda said...

Have you ever heard the hymn by William Cowper? "God Moves in a Mysterious way"? Here is one lyric from the hymn:
"His purposes will ripen fast, Unfolding every hour; The bud may have a bitter taste, But sweet will be the flower."
And here is another quote you might enjoy:
"No thought can enter into the mind of man better adapted to promote its piety and peace than this---that the world is under the government of God, and all the events of our lives under the direction of His providence." (Orten)

Praying for you. Thank you for updating.

AuntieB said...

Don't remember how I found you, but now you're on my prayer list. I keep it on the bottom of my monitor. I look at it all the time. Your name will also be passed around my "prayer circle".

Let me leave you with part of a song that one of my friends wrote.

"I may look battered with all these scars. It may seem that life for me has been too hard, but these scars are not a picture of the pain that I've walked through. They're just reminders of what God can do." - Kyla Rowland (

Kim said...

I'm praying for these results!


Anonymous said...

Amy, the prayer chain at our church has information from Brandon's post and is likely praying for you as I write this. The information you gave seems upbeat so my faith tells me God is already responding to everyone's prayers. Hang tough, I'm still expecting a miracle and total healing for you from all this.
Uncle Cliff