Saturday, August 25, 2007


My cultures tested positive for the bacteria listed above. As a result they've stopped my Vancomycin infusion and started with Daptomycin. I don't know a whole lot, except that any bacteria is dangerous when counts are low as you have the possibility of becoming septic. Please pray that the bacteria will respond quickly to the new drug and we can kick these fevers!


Anonymous said...

Sending you love & prayers and willing the Enterococcus to be gone!

Paulette said...

I came by before going to bed as I do every night and was able to lift this to the Lord. I am thankful they have reacted so quickly so hopefully the meds will as well.
Praying fervently Amy

Boomeyers said...

Hello Amy!
I was introduced to your blog through another blog (is'nt that the way it goes!) It caught my eye that you are in St. Louis, as that is where I live. So I am definately sending my prayers down Highway 70 from St. Charles to you at the "big Barn" as we call it! (I actually have a friend that works there too! :) ) I will mention you to her when I see her next and she will pray for you too! Hope you have a restful night!

Especially Heather said...

Im praying hard... I know how dangerous any infection can be, so my prayer is that it be removed from your body and that the fevers will subside.

Will they still be able to do the biopsy tomorrow afternoon?

Hang in there, I know it is tough..

Debi said...

Praying as I type....and will continue to pray that this infection will be completely destroyed by the Daptomycin!

Dunn Family said...

Praying for you right now, Amy!


Colleen said...

Still praying, Sweetie!

Lots of love,
Colleen for All

Anonymous said...

Praying for you today, Amy.
Rachel E

Rachel said...

Still praying for you Amy!!!
Bless your heart, you have gone through so much and continue to do so. May God Bless you and your family.

Anonymous said...

I mentioned the information from your latest entry at church this morning and your name was again lifted up to the Lord for his mercy and healing. You know Pastor Karen has a direct line to Jesus so I know he heard her prayer and is interceding for you with the Father.
Stay strong...we continue to pray for you everyday.

Lord God Almighty,
May the medicines take hold of this fungus and immediately destroy it Amy's body. Our hearts ache for Amy and we know you have the power and might to instantly heal her. Grant her your peace and healing.
In the name of your Son we ask this.

Uncle Cliff and Aunt Karen

Anonymous said...

Seen your mama this weekend, praying for you without ceasing. You can lick these fevers!! YOu have done it so many times before.
With faith
April Martin

Episcopollyanna said...

Hi Amy,
I've been reading your blog for a couple of weeks or so but this is my first comment.

Just wanted to let you know that I've been praying for you since I found your blog and that I'll pray extra hard for you now. God bless.

marie said...

We met in Columbia in the SEU at University hospital a few weeks back when we were both receiving blood and platelets. I've been keeping up with your blog and pulling for you. Fevers are the worst. I was at Barnes on Wed. for testing and a biopsy. It took 2 tries before they pulled the core. Yuck!

I'm praying for you and the new antibiotic.

I don't have a definate date and time scheduled for my next appointment for testing but it should be this week or early next week. If you want visitors let me know and we'll come see you.

Tammy C said...

Will be praying for you.

Hugs from North Carolina.

Jenni Halley said...

We are at the Guest House in Columbia, spending the night before Brian's 2nd round of chemo at Ellis. You were on my mind, and I hope you are feeling better, and the antibiotics are working. You are such a trooper, and a real inspiration to all of us in the battle. May God bless you abundantly.

We will be praying for you, as always.
Jenni and Brian

Julie's Jewels said...

We are praying for you Sis!! Hang in there! Its great to hear they are staying on top of things with you. I know that has to be key! We love you and will continue to pray!

Joe.Karen said...

Dear Amy,

We are praying, praying, praying for you and your family. Joe was just on Daptomycin recently. Hope it works for you and that enterococcus goes away and stays away!!!!!! We're also praying hard that all goes smoothly with biopsy #11 and the results show NO BLASTS.
God bless you Amy. We are rooting for you every single day.

Karen & Joe

Monica C. said...

I'm praying that your body would be rid of the infection and that the fever would go away. I'm praying for strength and healing! God bless you,

Sarah D. said...

Hey Amy,
I've been reading your blog for almost a year now. This is my first time commenting. I've been meaning to all along, but I just never got around to it. I just wanted to let you know my whole family is praying for you! You and I have quiet a bit in commen.. we were married the same day, and the same year. I also have homebirths. :) When you're all better I'd love to chat about that! You son sure is a handsome little boy. and I am sure he knows how much of a fighter his mama is. :-D Keep on fighting girl, we are all praying for you! You have touched the lives of so many. Many many prayers!!!!

Amanda said...

I'm praying, Amy!

Kim said...

Praying for you, Amy.