Monday, December 04, 2006


I think I will be going home today, and by home, I mean home. I'm very happy about this. We made an appeal to my doctor after we found out that most of the multiple visits per week were for blood work. It looks like I'll be able to have my blood work done at Ellis Fischel, and then come to Barnes once a week or so for a while to meet with my doctors here. I don't know exact plans yet, but I love the glimmer of hope.

I apologize for the lack of updates recently. At first it was due to not having access to a laptop (I've used my husband's work laptop until now) but I was blessed by one of my former pastors who put together a laptop for me to use. I am incredibly grateful to him for his kindness and all the ways he has impacted my life over the years.

The days after a transplant become rather monotonous, which is another reason I haven't written much. It's just all a waiting game. Waiting for counts to rise...waiting for any signs of a problem. Trying to rebuild That is mostly what life has been like. I've lost a tremendous amount of weight, so a major focus right now is on trying to consume enough protein and calories to begin to regain what was lost. Eating isn't always easy. I don't know if it is lingering effects of the chemo, drug side effects, or what, but most of the time I have to force myself to eat, and that's probably been one of the hardest parts of all this.

Thank you all for your prayers. So far the Lord has been merciful to me, and I pray I am "healed" of this disease, as much as is possible. I'll be having a bone marrow biopsy within the next few weeks and I'm anxious to know the results, though dreading the procedure.

For the basket filled with special little surprises, the CDs and books, the cards, the e-mails -- all the things you do to serve me, I thank you. Blessings, Amy


Kathy Brandt said...

What wonderful news!!! We continue to pray for you and will pray that home really means home! I can only imagine how difficult these past months have been, being separated from you baby and husband so much. Now you'll get to make up that time!!!

You have been such a witness for your Master. Your strength is beyond comprehension to us. We pray for God's continued strength to be with you, guiding each step as He leads you on the path that He has chosen. As humans we can never comprehend why, but as Christians we trust His heart. There is a song called "Trust His Heart" that gave me comfort during a difficult time for our family. Perhaps the words will encourage you as well.

You have a terrific family who has been with you from the beginning. I know what a blessing for them to see you improving. Our prayers are with you all.

Anonymous said...

Amy and Family,

We are thankful too for the prospects of you going home. Know it has been, and is, a difficult time that forces you to take one step at a time hoping that it is forward. Hope that you can put on some weight and gain strength too.
You continue on our hearts and in prayer. May the Lord continue to give you strength inwardly too.

Love to You,
Don and Lilan

Anonymous said...

I agree - fantastic news! I pray the time at home will be encouraging and strengthening!

Debra said...


Praise God.

What a wonderful start to my week.

God bless you and I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers.

lightshines said...

That is wonderful news Amy! Praise the Lord. You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

Rachel Davis said...

This is FANTASTIC! I'm so, so, so happy to hear it...does this mean that I can come up to Columbia and bug you over my Christmas vacation? *grin*

You keep up that calorie loading, and I hope to see you as soon as you regain some strength.

I've got some stuff for you...I'll be sending it off soon, now that I know where you'll be.

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Oh Amy,
I hope and pray that you will be allowed to go home! We are continuing to pray for you and your family.
Jason and Tiffany

Anonymous said...

Oh Amy!! My heart just soared to hear the news!!! You've been on my heart so much lately - I must think of you 10 times a day. Love you so much. Can't wait to catch up!

Heather said...

PTL Amy :) I am praying for you! (((AMY))) The Lord loves you so much. -Heather

Anonymous said...

YES!!! I heard from Dan before I got on the blog today, and was thrilled to hear you are going home. I had been hoping that you could just go to the Hope House soon. It really makes sense. I'm sure you'll be more comfortable at home, not to mention that you'll be with your family!

Praise God!

Niki Calzone

Anonymous said...

I am so thankful that you get to be with your wonderful baby boy on his first birthday. I feel and pray for you always. I too have a little one, 7 months and I hurt for your separated time from Gary and your husband. I know this is the Lord's doing, you being home, just home to hold Gary on his birthday. I say thank you God, I think of the song by Third Day, the lyrics go something like this, Lord I thought by now you would have stepped in, but again, I say amen... I will praise you in this storm, and I will lift my hands for You are who You are no matter where I am. Enjoy your time, love you and eagerly praying for your complete healing.
April Martin

Anonymous said...

So thankful to hear this surprising news -- you must have quite a way with words if you can convince the doctors to vary from the "norm"! We'll be especially in prayer for this return trip home and the changes for you in it. May you regain your appetite and put on the weight you need to gain your strength back again. We're sure that Brandon and Gary are anxiously awaiting your return as well.
Love to you all,
Clayton, Lisa, Sadie, and Maggie

Kim said...

I am rejoicing with you,Amy! I'm so glad you will be able to be with your baby,Gary,and husband very soon! That will be a wonderful Christmas gift for you all! I will continue to pray for you. Thank you for the update.

Anonymous said...

Amy, what wonderful news to learn you got home tonight. I know you will sleep well in YOUR bed and in your familiar surroundings with Brandon and Gary there with you. I know the girls will be a big help to you for a while too. Just concentrate on taking care of yourself and regaining weight and strength lost the past months. God is so good and we are thankful. Much love to you and you continue in our prayers all the time. Love, Grandpa Ed and Grandma Linda

Tammy said...

thanks for the updates.I have been praying for you.

Happi said...

Hi Amy! I'm so grateful to the Lord that you are going home. What beautiful words to read. We are continuing to lift you up to our great God, asking him for healing, strength, and a full recovery. May you be blessed as you spend time with your loved ones. You're an amazing testimony to God's grace and beauty.
Happi and family

Faith said...

How kind of God! I am rejoicing with you. I pray all goes well and you will regain your strength and weight very soon.

With love,

Matt & Faith

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful news! I have been following your journey and hoping for your recovery.

Christine said...

Hooray! You remain in my prayers.

J R Phillips said...

Praying for you all and so very excited and grateful to God for his mercy and kindness.

Sue, Jeff, Hannah & Moon said...


We are so happy for you. So glad you are home with your family! You are in our parayers every day!


Sue, Jeff, Hannah & Moon