Sunday, November 26, 2006

Day 13 Update

This past week has been spent in a bit of a drug-induced haze. The mucositis hit me hard, and I am still using a pain pump to help control things and enable me to eat. I haven't gained any weight, but I haven't lost any, either, which is a good thing.

Dr. DiPersio (head of the transplant unit) has been making rounds while Dr. Westervelt has been on break. He seems very optimistic and I expect to be released later this week to the previously mentioned cancer housing. I would love to just go home but I will most likely have about three appointments per week for a while and the drive is about 120 miles one way, so I know it will be easiest to stay in the area.

My days have been quiet and have taken on their own routine. My counts are beginning to rise (praise the Lord!) so hopefully the mouth issues will clear shortly. Right now I am still spending most of my time trying to get food down. (Regarding counts, my WBC is at 1000 today and the neutrophils are at 600.) I am receiving Neupogen shots again to help boost the numbers. Definitely weary of those!

Gary will be one year old on Wednesday. I'll be able to see him briefly this evening, and can hardly wait. I want so badly to be home with him. I am feeling a lot stronger this time, and things like working out on the treadmill are helping with endurance, so I may actually be able to take care of most of his needs once I get home. I'm excited about that. I have been so grateful for all the childcare my family (especially sisters) have provided, but I miss being mommy.

I pray you were all able to enjoy a blessed Thanksgiving holiday with your families. I have been able to enjoy a four day weekend with my husband and have more to be thankful for this year than I could ever begin to list. Mostly I am thankful for life, and for each moment I have been given as a gift. We love you all. Thank you for your prayers, and may the Lord richly bless you all.


Anonymous said...

I've been praying for you today Amy, so I was so glad to read your update and hear that your counts are up. Also, how wonderful to see Gary tonight and spend some time w/Brandon.

Continuing to pray here for complete healing and strength.

Wendy in IA

Kevin P. Larson said...

Amy, so good to hear things are looking up. We continue to pray for you in every service and look forward to you coming back and joining us.

Anonymous said...

Amy, Praise God for his faithfulness! I am so thankful for you and your continued healing! I am constantly praying for your speedy recovery and a Christmas at home! I am also praying that God will use you in your time at Hope House to be a minister of his Gospel and grace!

I love you,
Emily Baker

Debra said...

So thankful to read your update. A wonderful ending to a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

Praise God.

I continue to pray for complete healing for you.

Carrie said...

My children and I continue to pray for you. I'm encouraged by your update!

Christina said...

I'm so glad to hear you are feeling a little stronger and I will pray that you will be able to do all the mommy stuff soon.

April said...

Oh, Amy...I am so thrilled to read this post and see the progress you are making. It is so incredible to see the healing and improvement in your health, and so encouraging! I will continue to pray for you daily, and look forward to the praise reports when yo

Rachel Davis said...

It was great to see Gary at Elisabeth's reception...what a beautiful boy! (oh, sorry--handsome!)

I've got some stuff for you, as soon as I can pull it all together and get it in the mail.

Glad to hear a good report!


Anonymous said...

Our family continues to pray for you. May the Lord continue to Bless you and give you strength.

Dave and Tammy Nail

Kim said...

I am still praying for you,Amy! It sounds like,overall,things are going well. I'm so very grateful to God. I hope things will continue to improve. Praying for your husband and sweet baby,too!


J said...

Aye, it's a wonderful thing to hear that things are going so well! Still praying for you that the healing and recovery will come soon and be complete. Amen.

Amber said...


I don't know you but have stumbled upon your blog. I read a post where you asked if people were really truly praying for you and I want you to know I have been praying for you daily. Your faith is inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Hi sweet Amy -- Am really a long lost friend of your Dad's when we lived up the street from him and I was in the youth group with him at WGBC. Have been praying for you since your journey began and have been inspired by your faithfulnees and reliance on the One who knows all things and for you "All things are working for good" somehow. Happy Birthday dear Gary!
Jana in Nashville, TN

Carol Mahan said...

Hi Amy,

Happy Birthday to Gary! 1 years old is a major milestone in a little guy's life! I am so glad that you were able to see him in the hospital...I'm sure he misses his mommy so much!

God is still in control, and I know He will continue to restore your body to full health and strength...even though it may be a process, your recovery is moving along daily...Praise God!

(Aaron's Mom)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Gary today!!!!!!!

Praying you are resting and getting stronger each day and that you'll soon be out of the hospital.

Anne for the Calzones

Dawn said...

I am so thankful that you were able to celebrate being alive for Thanksgiving. And that you are here to see your son's first birthday. What blessings from God!

Meam & Papa said...

Hi Amy! Papa and I just called Brandon tonight for Gary's First Birthday. We heard him playing in the background. So now we are "calling" you for Gary's First Birthday. Their first birthday is so wonderful and we wanted to share it with you too. It was good to talk with Brandon, and he filled us in on your days. It is wonderful to hear things are going in the positive direction with you, thank the Good Lord!!!!!! Anyway, we didn't want Gary's birthday to go by without touching base with you too, dear. As always, you are in our thoughts 24/7. Amy, remember - think positive & thumbs UP! We love you dear. Meam and Papa.

Lawauna said...

You have been on my mind alot Amy. I am praying for you....

God Bless,

Abby Ymker said...

Happy 1st Birthday to little Gary!
Sorry this is a day late but I wasn't able to get to the computer yesterday. I haven't met Gary in person but he is SO adorable in the pictures Em sends me. I don't think they come much cuter!
I am so glad to hear your counts are rising! I keep praying for you!
Love, Abby

Anonymous said...

Amy and Family,

Hope you are gaining strength and the healing is progressing. We hold you up in thought and prayer during each day and trust the Lord to be your courage and strength.

You and your family are a blessing to us as you witness the Christian life in the midst of trials.

We Love You,
Don and Lilan

Overwhelmed! said...

Amy, I'm glad to hear things are looking up. I'm still praying for your continued healing.

Happy 1st Birthday to little Gary. I hope you had a wonderful time with him.


Kim said...

Happy First Birthday,Baby Gary!

Praying for you,Amy!

Heather said...

Dear Amy, I found your blog through a friend's blog, and sat here in awe of what a Godly woman you are. I read from July until present. I am praying for you..from across an ocean as we are in Okinawa one of Japan's islands. I praise the Lord for your faith in our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ. I praise Him that He led me to pray for you. God Bless you dear Sister in Christ- Heather

Anonymous said...

Amy, Just a note to let you know I am praying for you. I have been following along in your blog from the beginning and have continued to be blessed by your wonderful spirit. God Bless You, Rachel

Rachel Davis said...

Just dropping by to say hello and love ya! I'm waiting until I hear word of your move before sending another load of silly cards. =)

I hope this week is a wonderful one!