Wednesday, October 10, 2007

One Month Later...

So, it has now been a month since my darling Amy passed away. In some ways things have gotten easier, in other ways they've gotten harder. Though I will never stop loving Amy, nor missing her, or forget her, as time goes on I know that life will again return to a semblance of normalcy without having everything reminding me of Amy. This last month has been a challenge for me and I still have many challenges ahead.

This weekend I have two emotional hurdles. Each of the hospitals that cared for Amy are hosting events either celebrating or remembering their patients. I will be at both events, as will Amy's mom. They will be good for me, but at the same time they won't be easy.

As Amy mentioned several times, God gives Grace for each day and His mercies are new each morning. You never realize how true that is until you're faced with trials and are aware of your need for God's grace and mercy.

I started working on the book a couple of weekends ago. At first it was incredibly overwhelming and I feared that I might not actually be able to finish. However, as time was spent working on it a game plan was developed and it is now much less overwhelming, and semingly doable. I still don't expect it to be an easy task by any means, but I think I can do it. It may tae me some time to finish, but I think I can get at least my part done within a year at the latest.

I also just wanted to let those who are still battling know that they are still being prayed for.

And I wanted to take a second to thank everyone who has sent Gary & I cards. We've received so many wonderful cards from people we know and love, as well as from many strangers. I have been blessed so greatly by all of them. Thank you.